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    Mabu Casing Soils

    Produces an eco-friendly, casing soil for the button mushroom farming from pulp and paper waste material. The product solves multiple challenges faced in South Africa that include, unemployment, waste management, production of low cost food. The product substitutes peat, the traditional source of the casing soil, which is now banned due to environmental unfriendliness.

    Tel: 012 362 0441 | 082 374 7707

    Optimus Bio

    OptimusBioTM produces a variety of earth-friendly biological based products using technology licensed from the CSIR. The company addresses the core of current environmental challenges which resonates with the global drive for a green economy. The market ready product portfolio caters for domestic and commercial cleaning, water treatment and rural sanitation, agriculture and aquaculture.

    Tel: 012 841 3780 | 082 452 4889

    Portia M Skin Solutions

    Production of skin care products from Marula Oil. The products are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. The product has one of the best skin miniaturisation capabilities and caters for all skin types especially the previously neglected ethnic one.

    Tel: 076 186 7256
    www.portiamss.com /tshidi@portiamss.com

    Smart Spot

    Dried Culture Spot technology for quality management of Molecular tuberculosis and HIV diagnostics. Smart Spot offers a unique and effective way of verifying functionality of TB diagnostic equipment which has led to improved accuracy in TB diagnostics. This reduces chances of false negatives and inappropriate diagnosis which both lead to loss of lives.

    Tel: (074)897 6679

    XS Health

    Complementary medicines in the categories of Antibiotics, Probiotics, Weight loss, Men's Health and African Herbal Remedies.

    Tel: 082 466 3582


    Aloe based cosmetics

    Tel: (072)656 5790

    Dermo Prof Skin Care

    DermoProf Skincare offers a range of targeted skincare solutions to treat various skin conditions

    Website : www.dermoprof.co.za

    Tel: (084)313 6977


    Produces flavouring condiments of all natural ingredients and suppliers of chilli sauces and pickled vegetables.

    Tel: 078 155 6572

    Phepisa Naturals

    Phepisa specializes in identifying, producing and supplying indigenous plant extracts and manufacture cosmetics products in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

    Website: www.phepisa.co.za

    Tel: 083 512 8867
    mphephsile@gmail.com / phepmas@yahoo.co.uk

    Pri-Jap Biolife

    Pri-Jab Biolife produces immune-enhancing complementary medicine developed from indigenous knowledge.

    Tel: 083 666 0810

    Royal Mabundu Brands

    Royal Mabundu Brands (Pty) Ltd. offers consumers herbal and traditional products. The products are derived from the fermentation of cereals such as corn, millet and sorghum. The benefits of the products includes being an ideal source of energy for diabetics and people with low energy levels due to its high content of carbohydrates.

    Tel: 072 026 3848

    Syringa Biosciences

    Development of complementary medicines and cosmetics from invasive alien plants. The project has job creation potential at community levels in form of harvesters who pre-process and sell dry biomass to Syringa. Costs are saved from the current methods of destroying the alien invasive plants.

    Website: www.syringabio.co.za/

    Tel: (071)3883207

    Aegis Environmental

    We use Black Soldier Fly (Hermetic illucens) in a process called bioconversion to upcycle, or recycle, organic waste from restaurants, hotels, fresh produce markets and farmers in order to recover nutrients. This allows us to create valuable products for animal feed and organic fertiliser as well as biopesticide. With this process we supply a zero organic-waste-to-landfill solution to businesses and save nutrients that we can then sell.

    Tel: 083 2649 563

    Aeon Skin Solotions

    A natural skincare Manufacturer and offer skin treatments

    Tel: 076 209 1390

    African Applied Chemical (PTY)LTD

    Manufacture yarn that is designed to slowly release liquid actives such as repellents over an extended period. This increases the residual effectiveness of repellents. The first product to be produced will be insect repellent hiking socks.

    Tel: 072 6637 720


    Processing of waste pomace generated during olive oil to produce extracts of valuable bioactive compounds with beneficial health effects in liquid or powder form which can be sold to cosmetic and health supplement manufactures to incorporate into cosmetic skincare products or health food supplements. A company that manufactures natural plant extracts high in antioxidants for the cosmetics skincare industry.

    Tel: 083 651 3774


    A test kit to reduce and improve quality of life for patients on Efavirenz(EVF)based HIV/AIDS treatment, through the use of a enetic test that adresses adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

    Tel: (076) 9662 654

    Akili Labs

    Field Lab believes that anyone should be able to perform accurate, rapid biological tests regardless of the infrastructure available, with affordable equipment. In line with this, the company has developed a modular, diagnostic laboratory for DNA tests, compressed into a small sturdy form factor, which enables portability and reliability in any scenario, be it rural or urban.

    Tel: (076)7593176

    Alke Medical Solutions

    Offers health care software suites that comprises of: Radiology information systems, radiology picture archiving and communications system, medical billing and clinical information. Alke Medical Solutions is a young dynamic Healthcare I.T. solutions company which has managed to achieve some serious milestones in line with our vision to bring about a lasting and satisfactory evolution to the Healthcare fraternity through advancements in Technology. Our ultimate objective is to simply produce reliable, relevant and cost effective digital solutions, which will have a positive impact in healthcare service delivery throughout the African continent.

    Tel: 011 201 2211

    Altis Biologics

    Injectable bone morphogenetic protein (BMP). This allows for 75% lower costs and more effective than the bone matrices that are on the market. Thus the product reduces medical costs as well as the recovery time for fractures without a need for bone grafting technology.

    Tel: (082)8530644

    Anatomoulds Pty Ltd

    Our products replace the use of live animals in the veterinary educational sector. It also gives the students the opportunity to practice and preform procedures that would previously not have been possible.

    Tel: (083)749 7593

    Asthma Grid

    Development of an electronic handheld diagnostic and predictive medical device that computes and grades stages of Asthma Aetiology and severity with the capacity to predict eminent Asthma attacks and future attacks.

    Tel: 072 753 2466


    The Austics Cardiology Stethoscope is South Africa’s first high-end stethoscope. Along with the existing function of auscultation, the stethoscope will include options to record, amplify and store patient sounds on a mobile application. The stethoscope will also have the option to share sound files and patient information with other medical professionals

    Tel: (081)372 0065

    Bind Biotech

    Pharmaceuticals/biological research reagent manufacturing company, using chicken eggs to perform custom polyclonal antibodies (IgY)which are suitable for use in research and diagnostic assay development or as animal feed additives.

    Tel: 079?863 4312

    Bio Moringa

    Bio Moringa produces Moringa dried leaves, Moringa powder and Moringa seed oil.

    Tel: 073 762 7426

    Bon Sante Mushrooms

    Bon Santé Farms produces and processes of macadamia, kale and mushrooms into innovative products for local and export markets.

    Tel: 082 467 9235

    Buboo BioInnovations

    Technology from Buboo Bioinnovations involves synthetic biology and genetic engineering which is seen as the next disruptive technology with exponential prospects in the agriculture, health and energy sectors. Buboo Bioinnovations thus aims to offer synthetic and molecular biology products required in biological research to research institutions.

    Tel: (083)7243522

    Busch Apothecary Pty Ltd

    Hi-tee? is a herbal tea with the well-established action of lowering the blood pressure of adults suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure). It is one of the five developmental products shortlisted and prioritised out of Busch Apothecary Pty Ltd.’s pipeline of more than fifty two products.

    Tel: 083 256 2077 | 011 706 6151
    Zivanai@buschapothecary.co.za, info@buschapothecary.co.za

    Candida Free Natural

    Indigenous plant-based antimicrobial (antifungal and antibacterial) product with superior efficacy. This could be a better way to fight against drug resistance and improving effectiveness of treatment in African population.

    Tel: (072)4499 863

    Care Curls

    Care Curls offers variety of customised organic hair products which are formulated and manufactured based on the customer’s hair and scalp needs. The business makes use of an interactive web and mobile application to retrieve key data from potential customers. This data forms the intelligence required to identify ingredients which will be used to formulate and manufacture hair products.

    Tel: (072)743 1668


    Underwear for circumcised men to keep the penis upright to limit discomfort and prevent swelling due to blood filling the suture line.

    Tel: 078 474 0612


    Solar autoclave design that is as efficient as modern electrical autoclaves. The designed is intended to not require any electrical input and to be affordable to those who cannot afford advanced medical equipment.

    Tel: (012)259 3899

    Dikgabane Consultancy

    Dikgabane Consulting is an organic company which produces organic products such as diabetic nectar and a high blood pressure mixture.

    Tel: 082 625 0623

    Extra Green

    ExtraGreen is a producer of Moringa-based extracts using sustainable and environmentally sound separation technologies. Extra Green manufactures a number Moringa-enriched food product, including yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, energy drinks and vitamin water.

    Tel: (072) 497 8041 / (082) 305 0274

    Global Health Biotech

    Plant based bone morphogenetic product derived from indigenous medicinal practices..

    Tel: +27 82 499 7354


    Affordable point of care, rapid and multiple sample TB diagnostic system. The method can discriminate live and dead mycobacteria.

    Tel: 072 023 8309


    Produces indigenous vegetables and Moringa based weight loss product.

    Tel: 012 841 9895 | 076 205 9531

    High Fat diet

    TuFat feed is a high fat feed used in animal models to study the pathophysiology of chronic diseases. Diets high in fat have been implicated as a risk factor for the development of various diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, among others. To understand these diseases, and to find out the most effective treatment options, scientists try to mimic obesity in humans. TuFat feed has been successfully tested for use in such studies seeking to prevent and reverse obesity.

    Tel: 012)382 5911

    iMed Tech

    A medical design, engineering and technology company that primarily focus on medical prosthetic design and manufacturing. IMed Tech is a research and development company focusing on the use of Additive manufacturing in the fabrication of breast prostheses.

    Tel: 011 259 9029 | 073 884 0653

    Infinite Earth

    Herbal based 'medicine' for diabetes to be produced initially under complementary medicines and then proper pharmaceutical trial and licensing.

    Tel: (071) 148 3828

    Jillies Natural

    Natural body butters with mango seeds, marula fruit and animal fat earmarked lower for income bracket.

    Tel: 072 828 0466

    K Squared

    K Squared manufactures Blk2 an African indigenous plant derived virgin ethnic hair care system for the salon environment.

    Tel: (072)814 1131

    Kgoshigadi Tradings

    Low cost sanitary products for the girl child from agricultural waste. Community business model to empower women is the mainstay of production.

    Tel: 081 593 7484

    Khepri Innovations

    Khepri Innovations develops, manufactures and sells insect based animal nutrition.

    Tel: (073) 610 7442

    KUDU Wave EmoyoDotNet

    Low cost, hearing test devices with integrated communication technology for immediate referral. The technology has miniaturized sound booth to an enlarged headphone.

    Tel: (072) 440 0826

    Life Biotech

    Our product, Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), is the most widely used growth supplement for cell culture media in biomedical research and pathology laboratories for diagnostic purposes. The main producers of FBS are found in countries such as Europe, Canada, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand, however, the major sources of FBS raw materials are South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and Central America. All these countries except for South Africa, are producers of FBS. Our solution therefore is to manufacture FBS within South Africa to meet our biomedical research needs as well as export to other countries within the continent and beyond.

    Tel: (012)382 5911

    Marti TB diagnostics

    Developing a point-of-care TB diagnostic, not dependent on sputum or HIV status of the patient.

    Tel: (082)4665 874

    Mashudu Medicals

    Cost effective and efficient middle-ear prosthetics. This will help low cost income earners in accessing ear-related medical assistance.

    Tel: (083)6850644

    MCX Technologies

    A vertical farming and agritech systems
    manufacturer that aims to make vertical farming viable by
    building affordable automated agricultural
    systems to augment, and in some cases
    replace traditional farming

    Tel: (072)905 2154

    Melanoma Cure

    Melanoma Cure developed a natural-based sunscreen which will act as a chemopreventive agent against the development of skin cancer, as well as an isolated compound from a South African plant extract which shows significant anti-melanoma activity

    Tel: 012 420 2524 |(084)8420 820


    Moritelo is a cosmetic company specialising in natural organic products. The company offers skin and hair care products made from natural ingredients, food compounds and essentials oils that contains healing properties.

    website: www.moritelo.co.za/

    Tel: 084 660 3803

    mPower Digital Health

    mPower Diabetes device that connect patient and doctors, it is a once-off device sales and recurring monthly subscription. Reduces unnecessary visits to the doctor.

    Tel: 083 805 9600

    Mulpa Pharmaceuticals

    Mulpa Pharmaceuticals’ offers a natural wound dressing made from the pith of a citrus fruit. Unlike existing wound dressings that use varying solutions for open wounds, the Mulpa product requires a single solution for most open wounds. The All-In-One wound dressing has soothing properties and inherent micronutrients that are required to promote wound healing.

    Tel: (011)784 2008

    Open Kingdom Smart Health Card

    Smart cards for ehealth and filing with enhanced security features. Product enables easy record keeping, portability across platforms and institutions, privacy and convenience.

    Tel: 082 464 1664

    Phila Nge Ntuthuko

    Manufacturer of quality African traditional natural herbal neutraceuticals.

    Tel: 076 840 3336 | 073 232 0402


    Producing phytomedicine.

    Tel: 012 335 8104 | 082 357 1351

    PRD Solutions

    The PARA-TUBE is a wheel chair seating, with a built in toilet, that retro fits into any existing wheel chair. There is a lack of facilities for disabled people globally and the PARA-TUBE allows wheel chair bound or semi wheel chair bound individuals to be able to access any facility without having to leave his/her wheel chair to use the toilet.

    Tel: (060)357 0231


    KwameEMR is a medical device integrator and software development company that intends to design, patent and market medical solutions related to Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) surgical niche markets. Three solutions (EHR, EMR, ICE) have already been designed with the participation of leading physicians and surgeons in electronic health records and device integration

    Tel: (072)047 3309

    Siphiwe Healing With Nature

    Indigenous based supplement to boost the immune system mainly for people living with HIV.

    Tel: 082 397 5700 | 082 505 9315

    Smooth life

    SmoothLife is a producer and supplier of nutritious natural raw vegetable juices/smoothies (food). Our products are natural with no added artificial flavours, colourants and/or preservatives and are produced from raw vegetable and fruits. Our products nourishes, detoxify, cleanses and revitalise the whole body and suitable for the whole family. We prepare our products so well, and as a results most of the cells in the vegetables and fruits are ruptured, making the valuable nutrients easy for the body to absorb. Our products literally start to get absorbed in your mouth and because they rich in fibre, our products can be used as meal replacement. Fiber from vegetable and fruits is very essential for good colon health.

    Tel: (082)336 4096

    South Western Dairy

    We purchase fresh milk from South African Dairy Farmers. We add value to that milk by processing it into: Pasteurised Milk, Yogurt, Amasi

    Tel: (060)6181 910

    Telemedicine Africa

    Telemedicine is the use of network communication systems to exchange medical information between two or more treatment sites to improve the quality of healthcare services. Through the implementation of the Virtual Telehealth Centre (VTC), TELEMEDA will provide a platform through which private and public health sectors can dispense services to far flung regions (referral site or hospital) without having to incur travel and accommodation costs for personnel; and will help patients across SA get access to proper diagnoses and medical advice.

    Tel: (011)023 8849

    Thaldrian Scientific

    Thaldrian Scientific (Pty) Ltd is envisioned as a genetics laboratory that will offer genetic screening services to the human reproduction industry. In particular, we will focus on PGS, using the most advanced technology.

    Tel: 083 306 9099

    Thojane Organic Farming

    All Organic Vegetables, Exotic Organic Herbs, Indigenous Organic Herb, Agro-processing (applying indigenous based principles for maximum nutritional value preservation),Production of Organic Herbal Teas, Training of Women & Youth in Organic Farming

    Tel: 014 573 3991 | 083 747 4158


    Production of low cost yogurt equivalence maize-based beverage. This ensures that economic affordability cannot be used as a tool for nutritional isolation.

    Tel: 012 382 5755

    UBA Biologix

    Commercialisation of bioremediation technologies from Rhodes University's Environmental Biotechnology Research Unit. Previously distributing rapid diagnostic kits for malaria, typhoid and pregnancy.

    Tel: 083 518 2613

    Visual Dream Solutions

    Visual dream solutions Ads (VDSA) is a private company established in 2013 and started its operations in 2015 with a purpose of developing, producing, marketing and distributing medicine for cardiovascular diseases. Our product is made from a mixture of two leaves of medicinal plants that are found in South Africa, specifically in Limpopo, the Western and Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. Our product helps with the management of moderate to severe hypertension, blood pressure reduction, is a heart tonic and helps with management of high blood sugar

    Tel: (078)2298 575

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